Ello, nice to meet you!

I'm Frannie Ello, and I am a Product Designer keen on design systems and interaction design.

I first learned about design by playing around with HTML/CSS to make changes to my middle school Tumblr blog, but my career did not start until I began studying Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington.

My professional interests are in EdTech and Healthcare, but nothing gives me more fulfillment than working in a space where design can make a positive impact in people's lives.

My design philosophy

Collaboration is key to solving critical problems

I believe that any stakeholders, regardless of design skill or seniority, provide valuable insight to the design process. Some of the best ideas are a culmination of feedback and tips from others.

Empathy can create great products

As designers, it is our role to consider the needs and pains of users throughout our process. Technology has the power to transform the lives of million of people and designers play a significant part in ensuring that we empower them through these experiences.

A Great design reflects great intention

Defining the purpose, goals, and intentions of a project helps designers to craft with a clearer vision in mind. Without this context, we can get lost in our design process.


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Previously designed at...

More about me!

I am...
  • a Filipino-American, in which I grew up learning & performing traditional dances from the Philippines
  • a creative at heart, I enjoy fashion, sewing, & digital art
  • a foodie, where I aspire to be Yelp Elite
  • a jazz, rnb, indie, and kpop listener
  • a newfound lover of all things fitness
  • seeking out my next full-time product design role :)
  • heading to my favorite lagree class
  • currently reading r.f. kuang's yellowface